Pokemon Go causing huge security issues with Google

Great success Pokemon Go continues to spread the game was released in more countries, but Niantic Labs innovative mobile experience can emphasize from Adam Reeve from a new tumblr massive security problem affected. Released earlier today Adam Reeve shared his concern by Google permission granted when players use their Google account to log on to the Pokemon Go. Although this option is available for iOS and Android users, this problem seems to be focused on iOS.

Create an account with Google Pokemon Go visit Niantic labs for developers to provide “full access” to all connections to the Google functions. This includes e-mail account in Gmail, Google Drive documents and the like. Adam Reeve highlighted the following issues:

Read all email
Access all Google Drive files (including deleting them)
Send e-mail, you
Look at your history and your map navigation history
Access You can store any personal photos in Google Photos
As an alternative to this option to create a Pokemon Trainer account a bigger problem is no longer available – did not start working. It is different developers are correcting this problem, but no official announcement has not been cooperative Twitter message display.

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