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The developer behind the browser based MMORPG RuneScape

Developed by Rake In Grass, Undercroft was released on the App Store in October of 2009. Though it met with a warm reception from RPG fans, the game didn’t do very well commercially, and in August of 2010, the game was pulled from the App Store. Rake In Grass felt they had to move on to other projects and realistically couldn’t support Undercroft with updates, expansions, or sequels. The game and all of its associated rights were transferred to Jagex Games Studio, most famous as the developer behind the browser-based MMORPG RuneScape. They put it back on the App Store mere weeks later in September of 2010, bafflingly setting the price to free with naught but a brief start-up ad telling players to check out RuneScape. Speculation ran rampant as to what their intentions were, with everything from IAP fears to hopes for sequels and expansions. After all that build-up, Jagex ended up doing very little with it. There were a couple of updates to fix a few bugs, but other than that, it seems like they just wanted to keep the game available for everyone.
You start the game by making your party. There are five different job classes, but you can only bring four members with you in total. No matter what, you’re leaving something behind. The classes aren’t anything particularly extraordinary by genre standards. You’ve got your warrior who specializes in physical attack and defense, with a number of weapon skills and abilities that shore up defenses or deal heavy damage. They’re a handy class in a game that doesn’t have many melee options, so you’ll probably want one along for meat shield purposes. Next, there’s the mage, who specializes in elemental magic. This class is useful for exploiting enemy weaknesses, but they’re pretty high maintenance. They take a lot of damage and if they run out of mana, they’re nearly useless. As you would expect, the priest is great for healing and defense, but you can also spec them out to deal absurd damage if you’d like. The summoner is a weird variation on the mage class. They can summon the undead to assist in battles, transform themselves into a powerful beast, and use lots of deadly offensive spells. Finally, occupying the rogue/ranger role is the assassin class. They’re great for hitting enemies at a distance and have a lot of extremely powerful skills.
After you’ve settled on your party, you can choose between two difficulty settings. The easy mode offers you a rough tour, with weakened enemies and more money all around. It’s not a complete pushover, and I think many players would be quite satisfied at this level, but more experienced players will want to go for the hard mode. It’s really tough, and you’ll have to use every dirty trick in the book to survive. Speaking of books, this game offers a very extensive set of in-game resources you can access if you need help. Not only are there very thorough instructions, but there’s also a useful guide and a complete walkthrough, if that’s your sort of thing. I feel like Undercroft does a good job of taking care of players at many different levels of skill, something that RPGs don’t always bother with.

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RuneScape prepares for the next level

A heavy metal robot, eccentric big-game hunter and a steel-clawed ninja will all be battling their way onto computer screens early next year, thanks to the efforts of a Cambridge technology firm.
Block N Load is the latest offering from Jagex, the video game studio behind hugely-successful fantasy game RuneScape, which has over 200 million registered accounts.
From their headquarters at the Cambridge Science Park, a team of 10 developers has been working for 18 months on their latest project, a cartoon battle game, where the two teams spend as much time destroying their environment as each other.
Vice president David Solari has led the project. He said: “It’s a game where anything can happen and you’re only limited by your imagination in what you can do.
“It’s five v five, competitive and objective based, where you have got to build and destroy the battlefield to destroy the enemy’s base.”
The game will be available through the online Steam store, where thousands of games can be downloaded to computers anywhere in the world.
The playable characters, include long-range sniper Nigel Purdey-Longshot and fighting robot Cogwheel, and dig tunnels and place traps throughout the interactive landscape, in a bid to scupper the opposition.
It has been trialled at a number of focus groups, with initial reaction proving positive.
Mr Solari said: “We took it to an event recently where a very broad range of people enjoyed it; kids of age eight onwards were playing, and some queued up ten times to play it.
“Everyone here is 25-plus, and they’re absolutely crazy for it.”
The firm has been based in Cambridge for 14 years, and currently employs around 450 people, with the city’s strong tech sector providing a major benefit.
“Cambridge is good for us, there is a lot going on, with good rail and flight connections, and it’s a young, vibrant city, and that’s what we want to connect with”, he said.
“We have used a bunch of students to help us capture game footage, and the focus group people we got are generally local.
“Having the university here is helpful from a graduate point of view, and it has this great international reputation. You talk to Americans or Germans about Cambridge everyone has heard of it.”
Following a ‘beta’ test launch on Thursday the game is set for full release early next year, with additional downloadable content set to be created regularly.

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Obtained in the game

There are tons of things for the game – it is a bright spot in extra cash this month, the event is the annual gathering of the arena!9 years, rivers and lakes were collected in 2015 will take place simultaneously in the lakes rivers and lakes and old school Saturday at 19:00 on April 18 BST.

Full details of the event dedicated forum thread. Have famous faces, JMods and hundreds of players to attend so clear your diary, we’ll see you on the ice mountain!

Month JMod event has, which is everyone. Last month we assume Vorago; this month we have loads more planned!

There are bosses, advantages and skill-and-chill meetings throughout the month! And physical beast of Defense Lee, to join our team for a huge game to steal AncientSouls FC creation, and pay attention to the quiet Treasure Island family with our friends! All details can be found here.

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Runescape After 10 years of development

After 10 years of development, Runescape The developer decided this game a big shake-game screen setting. Officials said the new version of the picture after the designer of deliberate and make a massive change, we must ensure that this 10-year self-classic game style, but also able to integrate into the popular elements of the game. Therefore, this revision stylist for the game is undoubtedly a no small challenge.

Currently, as a Runescape version of the game screen design guidance Pascal has announced a partial original painting game, players can preview! For the latest version of the game screenshots, the official did not release.

At the end of last year, when RS’s official website had experienced home page revision, it seems that time has already begun to prepare a revised picture, here small hope that this 10-year classic 3D web game “RS quack” fresh blood coming through get more new achievements.

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