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Wildstar beauty timed beta game features gameplay Perspective

By the North American studio Carbine developed under NCsoft MMORPG “Wild Planet” science fiction has begun to limit public beta, the game will be officially listed in Europe and America in June 3rd, prior to the May 18th game player can go to the official website account to test the qualifications to enter the gaming experience.

Maybe some players did not know this game, don’t know Wild Planet fun is not fun, then Xiaobian simple to introduce some contents about the game.

The game is divided into two camps: the ruler and exiles two camps, of which there are 8 distinct races, the player can choose the soldier, medic, shoot the caster and mechanic stalker and psychic six career games.

The game uses lock free combat system, players attack mostly directional attack skills, according to the need of the enemy’s attack range suggesting that take place to avoid injury, skills. In battle, the enemy attacks can cause vertigo effect, monster attacks can also be a weapon in the hands of players play fly, players need to run to the weapon fell off, pick up weapons continue to fight.

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